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About Us


A well managed, furnished & equipped campus is divided into Udgir, where College building & Cattle Breeding Farm are located and a small village, Sunegaon (Tal. Ahmedpur), where an additional facility for animal shades & mainly grassland is developed.



1.      To provide education in Veterinary & Animal Sciences through various disciplines.

2.      To provide research base for improvement of native local animal breeders.

3.      To extend the veterinary services to livestock farmers.

4.      To offer trainings & guidance for sustainable development & to create awareness in public health, environment & bioethics.

5.      To develop technology for value added livestock products & by-products.


Institutional Strengthening

*      Polyclinic (TVCC): Providing veterinary services to the farmers & instructional exposure students.

*      A well constructed Boys Hostel for self furnished accommodation to students, along with facilities of Mess, Dining Hall, Recreation, Television, DTH facility, Telephone, Gymnasium, Solar water Heaters & Water Coolers.

*      University Sub centre: Established in 2003 considering the livestock potential & scope of Veterinary & Animal Husbandry activities in the region. It is undertaking research & extension activities as per the mandate of the university.

*      Feed Mixing Plant, marking the self sufficiency for formulation of animal feed for on campus farm as well as for the farmers in area, as an avenue of balanced animal feed.

*      A well equipped Library since inception, with recently developed facilities of internet & computer hall for students, with LAN facilities.

*      Lower Education: Section offering, since 2001, a Diploma course in “Animal Management & Milk Production” in local i.e. Marathi Medium of instructions in 17 schools of five districts of jurisdiction of work.

*      An IMD approved Observatory established in 2000 for the development of new science Veterometerolgy for study of adoptees in the prevalent climatic conditions in the light of global warming & incidence of diseases/ disorders.





















  •     College has recently established Intranet facility. 
  •     College canteen  

 An official statement of future plans & dreams, VISION 2025 prepared in 2002 envisages the horizons of probable advancements & contribution of institute in the progress of rural livestock health, public Health & rural economy.



Research & Development:


Region specific & need based research, keeping in the view the mandate & commitment in VISION 2025, i.e. In situ conservation of indigenous breeds viz. Deoni cattle, Marathwadi Buffalo, Osmanabadi Goats & Deccani Sheep, is being undertaken.

Research programme in line with the National Veterinary & Animal Sciences Institutes in the areas of livestock productivity enhancement, production & marketing of value added animal products, animal health care, effects of climate / weather conditions etc. is followed.

Research in animal Biotechnology, DNA fingerprinting, development of cell culture laboratory, virus identification etc. Is being undertaken.



*      This institute has established Laboratory Animal House, Cell Culture Laboratory, Artificial Insemination Centre, Biogas Plant as a renewable energy source for power generation & Vermi-Compost Unit, for organic farming, established during the year 2008 is serving as a pilot project for farmers in the region.

*      It is proposed to establish Farmers’ Training Centre along with High-Tech Museum for rendering quality services to the livestock owners/ entrepreneurs & to acquaint them with the recent development in the field of Animal Husbandry.



*      Transfer of Technology (TOT): Adoption of two villages for Veterinary Services at farmers’ doorstep, Ambulatory Clinic, Vaccination Camps, Infertility Camps. Attending Disease Outbreaks, Audio-video cassettes, Water Shade development programmes, Gramsabhas, Kisan Din, Popular Publications, Books, Folders, Letters,  Feedback, Radio Talks, Television Presentation, Vocational Training for rural youth, farmers as well as women.

*      Pashu Seva Wahini (Online Guidance): To provide technical assistance to field veterinarians & farmers on telephone.

*      Livestock Shows & Exhibitions: Cattle shows, exhibitory stall, dog Show, Farmers Meet & Health Camps, judging of animals etc. for encouragement of livestock owners in the region.

*      Workshops on stall fed goat farming, Sheep Rearing, Butte Rearing by Rural Women, Innovations in the Field of Veterinary Sciences, etc.

*      Seminars on Marathwadi Buffaloes, Brucellosis Awareness, Bird Flue etc.

*      Training on Artificial Insemination & Infertility, Care & Handling of Lab animals, Techniques in cell Culture & Molecular Diagnostic Virology, Haematological Techniques, Avian Influenza, etc.

*      Campus Interviews: The College is keen on getting its students suitable jobs. Hence separate placement cell has been established.

Extra-curricular Activities:

Facilities of Gymkhana with ample sports facilities well equipped gymnasium. Activities like NSS, Learn & Earn Schemes, Environment Awareness Campaigns, Cultural Activities, Social Activities, Students Welfare Activities like Placement Cell, Counselling system, Campus Interviews for the outgoing students, alumni association etc.












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